Monday, August 22, 2011

Niagra "FALL"

for those who haven't heard yet, I took quite the digger onto my left hip yesterday afternoon. I was literally 5 miles away from the u.s. boarder when I hit these extremely slick trolley tracks on a main road in thoroid, Ontario. I was going so fast I didn't see it coming. I even crossed over the trolley tracks at the appropriate angle so that my wheels wouldn't get caught between the road and the rails (picture the T tracks along the street in Boston and that's basically what I was dealing with). It had been raining off and on all day so the tracks must have been unusally slick. Nonetheless, I fell. I fell exactly the same way I fell on day 3, almost to a tee. As I'm lying in the middle of the road, I realize I can't even move my left leg. I know my guitar must he in pieces. All I can think of is "how in the hell am I going to get back to Boston?" A few cars pull over to assist me and one happens to be an off duty firefighter from the town over. They're dragging my bike off of me and giving me a lift up onto ny feet. My glasses broke into 3 pieces, my water bottles were all over the place, and as I stood I had a real hard time putting any weight on my left leg. The emt's showed up, and for the first time in my life I was loaded onto a stretcher and into the back of a ambulance. The two emt's, carolyn and brianne, were fascinated by my trip and took excellent care of me. Because I was so close to the boarder, they took me to niagra falls hospital in Canada to get checked out. After a long assessment of the situation, it was decided amongst many individuals that I was going to stay in that hospital for the night...until I heard how much it was gonna cost haha. Clearly I was not dying but I was in a good amount of pain and could definitely not walk anywhere with all of my gear and my bike. Carolyn and brianne arranged a cab for me and helped me load everything in for me as I have basically been in a wheelchair for about an hour at this point purely because they didn't have crutches at the hospital. I feel like every hospital should probably have a room like, oh I donno, 200 square feet that is stacked to the ceiling with crutches. I think that would be in their best interest in my opinion haha. Anyways, they must've told the cab driver my whole story because the guy wanted my autograph. He told me what I'm doing is newsworthy and that he wanted to go down to the niagra gazette or something to have them write an acticle on me. This guy was too funny. Told me the whole history of niagra falls, told me about how he likes to mess around with patriots fans when they come up here to see them play the bills. He was also one of probably 5 people this whole trip that were like "you're from Boston? Where's you're accent? You don't have one". So we get across the boarder, which was wayyy easier than getting into Canada, which was nice considering my leg is like throbbing. Get the an American hospital and as I fanagle myself out of the cab the first thing I become aware of is how much of a JERK this nurse is being to me. Snapping at me like I'm making her do her JOB or something. To be honest with you I wanted to hop out of that wheelchair and crawl out of the hospital because she threw such bad vibes off at me. Turns out, she ended up being really nice once she stopped being a giant crabbypants. She let me take my xrays home with me and even got me some ginger ale. She also gave me two shots. One of which was in my tush. That was a first for me haha. I get xrays, I get a cat scan (also a first for me. Gotta love that radiation), and then I waiting 4 hours for my results. My buddy Ian was nice enough to come pick me up even thought he had to work at 6am and I felt so bad because he arrived at 11:30 when I thought I was going to be done. We didn't leave until 3:30am. I didn't break or fracture anything in my leg. I have a hip contusion. Unlike Canadian hospitals, we have crutches, so they gave me a pair. First time ever on crutches, too. This was just a day full of firsts for me! Im currently working on my music in the hotel Ian is staying at I'm Batavia, NY, waiting for my heroes Jesse mosher and Amy Allen to come scoop up my body full of hurt and bring me back to my home. Back to Boston. Wounded in more ways than one, but spirit high. I could not have asked for a more eventful and life-changing event to experience. This trip has been wild with its ups and downs, but all in all, I biked through pouring rain, through mountains, through wind, along rolling countrysides. I've seen interesting animals, met interesting people, had interesting thoughts, and pushed the limits of who I thought I was to the very breaking point. Here i am, on the other side. Emerged not quite how I pictured, but I have emerged nonetheless. A more defined individual. A more focused mindset. A sharpened persepective. I have so much material to write about. So much to express for this album, this gift to all of you who donated and who have followed me on this incredible journey. I will continue to do updates here and there, and I also did not forget about certain peoples postcards! If you donated $25 or more, please email me your mailing info so I can still send you your postcard. I have some videos for those who donated more than that, but I have not been able to figure out how to change the file type on my phone, so I will send those once I'm home. Thank you all again for the wonderful support!
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