Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 7: The Home Stretch

Grimsby, Ontario to Toronto was about 60 miles or so. once i crossed the boarder my phone changed into kilometers. the only thing that means to me is that i can do more km/hr than mph and that somehow makes me feel like i'm going faster. there was a great bike path that went all along the water to Hamilton. Watched this huge tanker come through the harbor and i had to wait for it to go by because they had to lift the bridge to let them get in. canada is super bike friendly. so many bikes everywhere. bike paths everywhere. it's pretty awesome. once i caught my first glipse of toronto, i of course took a picture of it. also took this picture of a windmill because i had never seen one so big. where i am now in toronto is basically the allston of toronto, but closer to the city. young people everywhere, artsy, interesting food, and of course, tattoos, gauged ears, and all the young counter-culture, free, "hipster" mentalities everyone associates with allston rock city. i have canadian money in my wallet. that's weird. they have hockey players on their money, AS THEY SHOULD (america, where's our bobby orr 4 dollar bills? i would use them). at a hostel right that seems to be in a great location, as i am about to head outside and explore the land. the first thing i did was drop my bike off at Urbane Cyclists to get a full tune up. that's a picture of my "now what?" face right after i dropped my bike off. my sweetheart looks a little beat up right now. that tank just took me 550 miles without a major malfunction (other than when i majorly malfunctioned the entire left side of my body into the pavement on day 3 and bent the handlebars). we're at the half way point, ladies and gentlemen. this is the part where i go have fun now!

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